QTCheck Help

This program allows composers writing for Kingma System quarter-tone alto flute to avoid calling upon the performer to execute awkward fingering transitions, which may only be possible at a reduced speed.

When sequences of notes are entered, the program checks to see whether they involve any of the following:

  • Slides between the rim keys, which half-close the hole (producing quarter-tones), and the inner keys, which fully close the hole
  • Slides between quarter-tone thumb keys (Bb^, B^) and conventional ones (B, Bb)
  • Transitions in the RH little finger which involve the D^ key
  • Transitions between the G^ and G# keys (G natural will always be heard in between unless the player rearticulates)
  • Fingerings which take the RH 1st finger out of position (to play the F#^ or C# trill keys)

Developed by Jonathan Pitkin, 2016-7. Technical advice by Carla Rees. Version 1.1.

For an explanation of fingering symbols and much more information, visit Carla’s website www.altoflute.co.uk