QTCheck Help

When TYPING note names, use the following system:

’s’ = sharp
‘f’ = flat
‘hs’ = half sharp (ie the quarter-tone between natural and sharp)
‘hf’ = half flat (ie the quarter-tone between flat and natural)

Append the MIDI octave after the note name (c4 = middle C, c5 = the octave above).

You can use any name for a note which has more than one enharmonic equivalent, eg G sharp/A flat, B sharp/C, E half sharp/F half flat.

You do not need to ‘naturalize’ a note after an accidental - so the third note in the sequence [gs4 a4 g4] will be taken to be a G natural.

You may enter notes one at a time, or type a sequence of up to 8 notes at once. Click ‘Clear Display’ to start another sequence.

Example phrase (rising quarter-tone scale from middle C):
c4 chs4 cs4 dhf4 d4 dhs4 ds4 ehf4